International Organizational Constellations Community for Transformation and Integration

Kedy: 01. 09. 2020 - 25. 10. 2020
Kde: Netherland
Lektor: Bert Hellinger Instituut Nedeland

Crossing the Threshold

It is 2020. A year many of us will remember as a year that impacted the whole world, its people, its families, its societies and its organizations. A year where we encounter still many polarities that seem to divide ánd in which we globally can feel united in the challenges we share. The possibility to plan our future rapidly became almost impossible, time and purpose seem fluid. Losses are being suffered, on many layers. Unprocessed earlier events and strong ‘old’ patterns now ask for attention, on top of the daily reality. And at the same time many opportunities for transformation, new ideas and renewal show up. From systemic point of view, times could hardly be more interesting!

– How does this all affect organizations? What are the questions and challenges they face? What is needed for them to be able to cross the threshold into this constantly changing reality? To what extend is called for transformation and to what extend is called for integration?
– How can systemic work be of aid to this process? And what is the emerging edge of this, how does it call for innovation of systemic work in itself?
– What has prepared us, systemic facilitators to be able to be of service to organizations and its people? And how do we need to transform and to integrate ourselves to be more apt to the current needs? How can we give shape to our willingness to be of service?

In this three-day online global seminar we want to explore with you around these questions.

IOCCTI Online 2020 will host a platform:

– To be able to (re)connect to the international systemic community
– To have a place for co-sensemaking
– To gather -from systemic perspective- around questions that are alive today
– To find insights around:

  • to what is needed in organizations today,
  • to how systemic work can contribute to this and
  • to what this asks of us as facilitators

IOCCTI Online 2020 is more about:
– connecting, synchronizing, resourcing
– opening, exploring, recalibrating

IOCCTI Online 2020 is less about:
– tools, formats, how-to’s and best practices of masters
– answers and solutions

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