International Organizational Constellations Community for Transformation and Integration

Kedy: 18. 10. 2020 - 24. 10. 2019
Kde: Netherland
Lektor: Bert Hellinger Instituut Nedeland

Crossing the Threshold

Enthusiastically we invite you, from the systemic community from all over the world to come to IOCCTI 2020 in the Netherlands. IOCCTI, International Organizational Constellations Community of Transformation and Integration, will take place in the middle of The Netherlands from Sunday October 18th until Saturday October 24th, 2020.

The theme this year is ‘Crossing the Threshold’. We aim to create a container in which personal threshold crossings become possible. And to make a container together so that it will be possible to cross other thresholds, to start with the thresholds of organizations, as systemic community.

The increasing complexity that people, organizations, societies and the world face, ask of us as systemic facilitators to cross the threshold, to step in. To offer what we have to offer from systemic perspective, to stand next to the complexity, to search for insights, to find ways for organizations to understand, endure and adjust to the complexity. It asks of us to be willing to take the risk of being thrown out and not understood, it asks of us to contribute and to offer all we can.

Crossing the threshold means to be willing to go from student to participant, from learning to co-creating, from consuming to contributing. And: to cross the threshold of organizations and offer all your systemic capabilities and being to them and to their and our world.

IOCCTI 2020 is the place to research and discover together, to take and to give together. As a community. As a whole. A place we’re sure you want to be a part of.
And we sure do not want to miss what you got in and with you.

Welcome to the IOCCTI 2020, in The Netherlands.

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