Sufi Enneagram seminar

A way to our reality

Kedy: 10. 03. 2018 - 11. 03. 2018
Čas: 09:30 - 20:00
Lektor: Abdul Karim Baudino

In Sufism we ask ourselves: why do we not change? The reason is that we never submit to the moment. We are always in the past or in the future. Where are you now?. What percentage of you are here reading? Are you tired of your body, thinking of going somewhere or doing something else?

To submit to the Divine we must be in the present. He does not hide from us, but if you are not totally in the present and saying “ YES “, you are not in submission. If you do not have your full attention in the present and opening yourself to what is being given to you in every moment, you will never progress. You can go and sit and listen to the greatest Masters for years, and not progress. Have you ever wondered, why millions of disciples have passed through the hands of the Masters, but only a few have become enlightened beings?

If your heart is open, it is also open to pain. One of the old Masters said, „If you want to hurt me, here are the stones, and here I am.“ If you avoid pain, you also avoid love; Both belong to each other.

It is necessary to make a decision, if you want love you must also be prepared for the pain. If you look into the eyes of the Masters you will see the pain they have gone through, but they constantly renew their commitment to love. They are like the earth, they never reject anything that comes to them.

When you accept this, you will enjoy a beautiful flavor with which you will be completely satisfied. Without envy, without jealousy, without anger; If you feel this taste the causes of dissatisfaction will disappear. Accept this moment, love and accept yourselves. You must begin with this. Unless you accept yourself, you will not be able to accept others.

Whatever is sent to you, do not resist. If it is real, it will root in you. If it is not real, do not worry, it will leave you like water running down your faces.


THEORETICAL DEVELOPMENT: General Laws. Disconnection Process. Loss of Unity, World of 96 Laws. Damage to the Ability to Love. Forget about yourself. I Illusory / I Real. Levels of the Essence and the Ego. Projection and Rejection. Identification and Reification. Psychic and Spiritual Structure. Divine, Sacred and Holy Attributes. Principles of Reality and Holy Attributes. Values ​​and Virtues. Main Feature: Passion / Fixation; Illusion / Idealization. Are there Psychological Types ?. Degrees of Being. Medium Exit and Final Release. Al Naqsh al Lataif (The Enneagram of the Subtle Centers). Functions of the Mind of God. Enneagram of the Lataifs of Sufism


PRACTICAL DEVELOPMENT: Some of the work techniques used in the seminaries have their origin in ancient principles reserved in the Sufi Schools, such as: Respiration Lataif (work on the levels of heart -Akhfa, Khafa, Sirr al Sirr, Sirr and Qalb-, Muraqaba (Sufi meditation) Mirror Sufi dance (Hadra) Dhikr.

The seminar will be conducted by Abdul Karim Baudino, who teaches these workshops under the authority of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim (Heir of an unbroken chain of Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Guide in the Naqshbandi Sufi Order).

PRICE: 220€ (including drinks and lunch)


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